What You Should do BEFORE Lifting your Jeep!

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What You Should do BEFORE Lifting your Jeep!

While I was helping Ross out with his Lift Kit Install on a Jeep WJ, we talked about all the necessary things you should do before lifting a Jeep. We talked about all the maintenance needed before even looking to purchase a lift kit.

Ross was smart and Purchase all the maintenance parts as he ordered the Lift Kit to get it done in one go! Smartest thing he could have done since he has a trip to Utah scheduled in October.

Overall the Lift kit is not hard to install but it wasn't easy. We ran into a hiccup while removing and installing the ends on the Tie rod and Drag link. The track bar was another issue. The nut on the backside that is welded on ended up breaking the welds when we used a breaker bar. We ended up using the bolt from the clamps on the new IRO Tracbar as it was the same size as the track bar bolt and used a new bolt for the clamp. Yes the bolt from the clamp is actually stronger than a Grade 8 bolt.

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