Exploring Oregon and Overland Expo PNW 2022

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Exploring Oregon and Overland Expo PNW 2022

So we won some free tickets on Instagram from Overland Expo for their PNW event near Bend, Oregon. The drive from Northern California all the way to the event was amazing! We passed by Mt. Shasta during sunrise and it was such a great view to wake up to haha.

I drove the first 5 hours and the last 2. Chris drove overnight the other 7 hours like a champ! We stayed at the event Friday and camped their since our tickets included camping on site. We stayed until about 1 PM on Saturday then drove over to Eugene, OR since we have some friends who moved there about a year ago. Oregon is such a nice state definitely want to go back and explore some of the trails around there.

We got to meet up with PNW153. If you didn't know he makes Stickers and keychains and soon to come is hats! His kids were awesome and watch the videos to which I thought was really cool and they took Chris' and my autograph! Never thought something like that would happen so thats awesome! Thanks to Roman for meeting up with us!

Thanks to Brahayan and Chantel for allowing us to come and stay the night and taking us out to town showing us some cool spots! And shoutout to Jaime from eezysupplies for putting up with me and letting me film with him 😂

PNW153 : https://www.etsy.com/shop/PNW153 EEZY Supplies : https://www.eezysupplies.com/

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