Interior Light Kit - Jeep WJ

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*We have now upgraded this kit with some brighter T10 Bulbs and now a resistor is not required. Installation of this kit is now easier and takes less time to install. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999-2004 Interior Light LED Kit 
Comes with

-Dome 2x T10

-Footwell 2x T10

-Ash tray light 1x T10

-Rear Passenger Sides 2x C5W 41mm

-Cargo Area 1x C5W 44mm

-Glove Box 1x T10

-Door Courtesy 2x T1

Kit is complete to light up the interior of your Jeep with a Bright White Light. Makes it way easier to see at Night!


-For full brightness Key needs to be on ACC or ON position or Manually turn lights on from the Switch for interior lights on the turn signal Handle.


For the dome lights you need to remove the screw holding the overhead console then with a pry tool pry the sides and pop the clips down. Remove the bulb holder from the console by removing the clips and you can replace your bulbs.

The ash tray is accessible by clips holding onto the unit on both sides. Be careful because the clips are prone to breaking, use pry tools. The bulb hold twists off.

The glove compartment is tricky to access. You need to remove the rubber stops holding the glove compartment door so you can pull it down all the way and are able to access the bulb. Remove all the screws and you will have access to change the bulb.

Footwell bulbs are covered by a plastic diffuser. Remove the diffuser and the bulbs are accessible.

The rear passenger lights and trunk are accessible by prying the clear plastic clips.


You will need to add the load resistor for the lights to work properly! The best spot I've found in about the trunk are light. You need to stick it onto metal to disperse heat. They do get hot. I've ran mine this way for over a year no issues.