Why You Shouldn't Lift Your 20 Year Old Jeep | WJ TJ ZJ XJ Grand Cherokee

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Why You Shouldn't Lift Your 20 Year Old Jeep | WJ TJ ZJ XJ Grand Cherokee

Today I woke up and decided I don't want to keep getting the same message of what should I do to my Jeep. I will reply do maintenance. The most important thing to do on a 20 year old Jeep is to Keep It Running! 😂

Now if you want to lift for most people a 2-3 Inch Lift with 31s will be more than enough. You will want to add extended front sway bar links (Get Quick disconnects), New Shocks ( Bilsteins are good all around), Front Adjustable control arms lowers (Preferably the full kit), A Arm Spacer or IRO A Arm is worth the money, and a Front Drive Shaft ( Dan Como or Danco Driveshafts facebook page), Adjustable Track bar, Along with all maintenance items. This will be the best build for most people.

Going 4-6 Inches You will want Shocks, Sway bar disconnects, Extended links for rear, Spring retainers, Extended Bump stops, Extended Brake Lines, Front and Rear Long Arm, Front Double Cardan Driveshaft, Rear SYE, Steering Kit like Trailforged, and Maintenance items.

Yes the Price to make the builds right is pretty high. That is the reason I recommend you focus on maintenance first and just get some All terrains. You will make it most places! And once you finish replacing all the worn joints and bushings then start looking into a lift kit and add on all the other things the kits miss.

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